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Stop  dieting | Self Love |Food Freedom | Create a life that lights you up

Let’s start with this one truth….

Every person has the right to love their life, be comfortable and happy in their body, and never feel guilty about wanting to eat treats.We all want to live our Ultimate Life.

But like you, I wasn’t that woman. I wanted to stop binge eating, closet eating, and emotional eating.

Imagine a life where you made conscious, nourishing, and easy choices for your body every day without regrets.

 Hello, beautiful souls!

Hi, I’m Lisa. Certified Nutrition Practioner | Health Coach, and founder of Ultimate Life and the Food Freedom Revolution. My passion is to help woman just like you to get off the dieting train for good, learn to love your body, and build a new relationship with food.Never again will you start a diet on Monday only to feel like a failure by Tuesday.

I know what it’s like to want something more. Not to long ago I was where you are.I wanted more for myself and my life, and I knew that MORE wasn’t money, or anything materialistic.It was something within. I wanted to make peace with my food, love my body and to be happy so I could live my Ultimate Life. To create a life that would light me up from the inside out.

I went through everyday with the same routine, and everyday I felt alone even though I wasn’t.I know this stemmed from my childhood. A time when I felt lost and out of place, and disconnected form my adoptive family. It wasn’t because they weren’t wonderful; it was because I was internally working through feelings of UN-want, and not being good enough. It wasn’t until I was able to approach my situation from a place of gratitude, self love, and nourishing my body with real, whole foods.

Everyday you go through the motions, and you still end up feeling unhappy, unhealthy, lost, and depleted. Everyday is the same thing, and everynight you think” Is this it? There must be something more, something better.”

There is more.

Now you might not know how to get there, but there is so much more.And I am here to tell you that you don’t have to go through life tired of not sleeping, feeling stressed, mad moods, negative self talk, body shaming, tired of your health suffering, non stop diets, and tired of feeling alone when your not. 

I want you to live everyday with self love, gratitude, intention, Ultimate health, and longevity. I want you to experience more joy in your life, set goals that are aligned with your desires. Improve your physical health, love your body, cultivate better habits, improve your confidence and self esteem, create a life plan and deign a life that lights you up.It won’t always be easy, but I will guide you with step by step how-tos and guide you through it. Think of me as your very own personal cheerleader!

It’s time to free yourself from destructive eating habits and constant dieting.

It’s time to start living your ultimate life and experience a whole new level of fun, body confidence, and learn to use food as a powerful tool of self love.

It’s time to acknowledge and to let go of the struggles with food and weight so you can reclaim your life.

I want you to know it is NOT your FAULT. No one has shown you how to nourish your body and your soul to heal your relationship with food and your beautiful body. Until now. I am so glad you are here on this journey with me.