Milk does a body good?

Dairy May Not be the Solution to Strong Bones

My daughter had severe eczema, and after removing dairy from her diet her eczema has gone away. Same with my son’s severe acne.

Dairy, although rich in calcium, may not be the best way to maintain bone health. We need to understand that there are many components that are in play in building and maintaining strong bones. 

Here are some reasons why dairy may not be your best answer:
There are more fractures in regions that consume milk products (US, Great Britain, Canada, Northern Europe), than in those that don’t (traditional Africa, China).
The extensive Nurses Study at Harvard, which followed 78,000 nurses for more than 12 years, found that those who drink two or more glasses of milk per day have twice the risk of hip fracture than those who drink a glass a week or less.
Dairy causes blood pH to become acidic. When the body needs to balance blood pH, it will draw calcium from the bones, reducing bone density.
Calcium in dairy may not be the most bio-available – meaning that the body may not be able to utilize the entire ingested amount.
Many people are lactose intolerant, meaning they lack the enzymes to digest the sugar found in dairy. This makes dairy not a viable source of calcium for these people. There are many high calcium rich foods which we will talk about in an upcoming blog…. Stay tuned!