Medical Conditions and Weight Gain


If you have pounds that just won’t go anywhere, you will want to look into a few things that are medically related. A common example is low thyroid condition. Thyroid hormone is closely related to metabolism, and low thyroid can mean a slower metabolism, translating into fewer calories burned.

Some women retain weight because of estrogen-dominance. If you are also suffering from PMS, you weight issue may be partly due to estrogen dominance.

Some medication can also lead to weight gain. That includes certain steroids, some antidepressants, anti-seizure medication, diabetes drugs, high blood pressure drugs, as well as certain heartburn drugs. [link to]
Of course, for anything related to prescription medication, make sure you discuss your condition with your doctor before making any decisions.

Food sensitivities can cause the body to retain up to 5 – 8 pounds of water very rapidly. An elimination diet, with the guidance of a trained health professional, is a good way to find out if food sensitivities are causing weight gain for you. Some usual suspects include gluten, dairy, egg (egg white has higher allergenic potential than egg yolk), and soy.