We are approaching that time of year again where we will be fighting off cold and flu bugs, but this year can be different. Here is a recipe for a cold and flu busting drink that will help you fight the flu naturally.

This is wonderful for a sore throat, congestion, cough and even symptoms of nausea. Honey is antibacterial, anti-viral and immune building, plus it soothes a sore throat quite nicely. The ginger calms a nauseated belly and it is extremely anti-inflammatory. The lemon aids digestion, promotes detoxification of the liver and is a wonderful source of immune boosting vitamin C.


3-4 fresh lemons, sliced-organic preferably
1 inch piece fresh ginger-minced
1 inch piece fresh turmeric-minced
3/4 cup raw unpasturized honey, melted over low heat


Slice lemons, mince garlic and turmeric and add all to a 2 cup mason jar. Melt honey and pour in the jar to cover all the ingredients. Stir together. Add about 1 tbsp to a cup of hot water and sip through out the day when not feeling well.