According to the international journal of eating disorders research there are a few distinct differences between overeating and binge eating. 

Binge eating and overeating can seem like the same thing, and they do certainly overlap one another. But there are a few key differentiators. 

Overeating is something you commonly do at Christmas, Easter or most holidays when you have second or even third helpings of our favourite foods. You often eat to the point of feeling over full. You may have over eaten due to skipping a meal, waiting to long ot eat in between meals, or just because the food tasted so darn good. Even though you may regreat eating so much, you were in control of your behaviour. 

Binge eating is overeating except you don’t feel in control of your eating.Once a binge starts it is hard to stop it, and you become so uncomfortably full that it hurts. It often comes with poor body image, low self esteem, or trauma. 

You are probably eating faster than normal

You are probably eating until you are uncomfortably full

You are probably hiding food

You are probably eating alone and in secret

You are probably embarrassed of your eating behaviour 

You are consuming large amounts of food in a short period of time even when you are not hungry at all.

Are you a binge eater or an over eater?  If you think you might be a binge eater or emotional eater, then contact me for a free 15 minute complimeantary session.



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