What is the biggest difference?

The biggest difference between a food plan and a diet plan is that a food plan is not a diet. A food plan is not about restricting your food intake, trying to resist certain foods or trying to be good and eat only healthy foods all the time. A food plan is not about counting any calories or a quick fix.

It is a tool that is adaptable, changeable, and used to identify what is working for your body and what isn’t. We let go of the foods that don’t serve our bodies and minds and replaces it with foods that we know will nourish us and provide us with the food freedom that we are looking for. We begin to make concious decisions as to what foods will cause us more stress and come up with a food plan that will grow and change with us over time.

Here is what a meal plan sould provide for you:

A meal plan will provide you balanced nutrition and not a fad diet that promises crazy results that are never achievable in the first place.Finally meal plans will never give you gimmicks that tells you to never eat fruit or vegetables because they are to high in sugar, or just eat cabbage soup for three weeks. Meal plans are used for long term results not just twelve weeks then you’re done. They give us stability and confidence that we can learn to stop using food as a crutch, and just use it for health and nourishment.