Without a diet or a set of rules to follow it’s natural to be scared of gaining weight and eating out of control especially when it was the food that gave me comfort to begin with. I always vowed that I would start again on Monday and this time would be different. Dieting becomes an identity which makes it difficult to ever stop but realized I needed to jump off the roller coaster and try a new approach, but how? 

When dieting is all you have known, it’s easy to slip into a pattern of chaos. You start to realize that your choices are limitless and you are free! Yet we don’t know how to cope with this new found freedom. We start to stress and feel out of control even more.Reality is that we have had the freedom all along. You trapped yourself with all the rules and restrctions that come along with dieting.So now we need to learn to eat freely again like we did when we were kids. 

At first it feels like a free pass to eat anything you want and to over eat all the time. But soon you will start to feel sick all the time, feel like crap and get sick of eating like shit. You will learn to tune in to your body and how you feel, and not go by what a number says on the scale.Your body starts to become your best teacher.You start to ask yourself:

-What foods make my body feel great, energized, a loving choice?

-What foods are going to best nourish it and my mind?

-How do I want to feel later and what foods will help me get there?

-What foods will show my body that I respect and love her?

It doesn’t happen overnight. It may even take a coupkle months to develop new habits.We know diets don’t work and we don’t want to stay in that viciuos cycle.Sitting in the discomfort will get you the freedom you so deserve and desire deep down in your soul. After the initial bumps on the non dieters road, you will begin to discover peace and freedom with food.You will learn to discover true health and yes you will even lose weight. You will learn what comes intuitive to you.

When you start to heal your relationship with food, it often transcends us into deeper joy and happiness. You start to trust yourself that you don’t have to control everything anymore. That control is limiting, but you don’t have to limit yourself anymore.If you have quit dieting or want to quit dieting and you feel in a place of chaos and out of control, just BREATHE, relax, throw away the scales and let you body be the guide. 

Much Love