Have you ever done this: You are going out with friends on a Friday night and know you will be drinking and probably eating crap bar food, so you starve yourself all day so you can binge Friday night. You might drink lots of water and maybe some fruit but thats about it. By the time you go out you are so hungry that you eat way to much and feel sick and angry and feel fat even though you were doing it to actually feel skinny.

Then you repeat it again and again but this is no way to live. You are depriving yourself nutrients and minerals that your body needs. We diet and starve ourselves to feel happier about our appearance and we so badly just want to be skinny like the girl in the magazine, but it never works.

Our relationships with food can be complicated.It can stem back to childhood, peers, teachers, media and food advertisements. Sometimes we don’t even realize it is a problem, and we think we are doing right by our body. Here are eight common reasons we eat or don’t eat.

Here are the 7 most common reasons we eat or don’t eat

1. Unrealistic dieting: You remove carbs or you just eat meat or just eat vegetables and have tried every diet that you can. All this can wreak havoc on your body. Avoiding any diets and starting to eat real foods grown in nature can help you to normalize your eating. 

2. Deprivation: Do you go to a party and fear the dessert table and other foods that you know will be there.When you deprive yourself of certain foods you naturally want to compensate later. When we deprive ourselves this can lead to emotional chaos. your body is searching for justice and doesn’t feel properly served and binges often follow.Depriving never makes anyone happy just hangry.

3.Indecisive food choices: There are days that we really don’t know what we want to eat. Salad, soup, chicken, or chips. Then you decide to not eat anything.Because you don’t eat anything it can trigger a binge later. The best thing to do is just eat something. 

4.Undereating: Coffee for breakfast, small salad for lunch, apple for snack, chicken and broccoli for dinner, then 9:00 come around and HANGRY! hits. Then we eat and eat and eat.  We think we are eating enough but really we are not. We are a calorie obsessed culture even thought the calories in=calories out has been debunked. When we don’t eat enough, your body starts to go into starvation mode and leads to binges.

5. Skipped meals: Do you ever get so busy you skip lunch? You think ” I’m not that hungry so I will just wait a bit longer and eat later.” An hour later you find yourself angry, tearful and emotional. Even if you don’t feel that hungry, hunger can creep up on you and creep up fast in between meals especially if you skip them. Make sure you don’t skip any meals. 

6.Stress: 77% of us experience physical symptoms caused by stress. It can effect our sleep, digestion even brain function. Stress is a major underlyimg reason for disease. When you feel stressed, emotionally and physically drained, the last thing we want to do is go grocery shopping, or prepare something to eat. Instead you binge watch netflix and you stay stressed out, feel grumpy and puts a blast on your attitude with food.

7. Lack of preparation: Food is a priority not an option. When we plan our meals for the week it makes the guess work out of ” What am I going to eat today?’ Doing food prep once a week makes our day so much easier and enjoyable. When we lack preperation we do take out or not eat at all.

Mood boosting foods will make you feel better but it’s also important to pair it with self love and self care-  the most important nutrient of all.