It’s all about self care.

We are often the last to take care of ourselves ahead of kids, spouses, friends and family. We feel guilty and selfish if we take time for ourselves. The truth is it is not selfish, it is necessary. It is not just about getting a massage or taking a bath even though these are a part of self care. I am talking about being able to make greater contributions to your life. 

What are the first steps to take for ultimate self care?

Self care and self love is a huge topic and could write pages about it. I will give you a place to start with 5 tips you can begin to work on.

First of all it will take practice.But it will soon become comfortable with small baby steps. You will here me talk a-lot about self care and self love becasue it is one of the most important things to do to be happy and fulfilled. Let’s start with two simple words. Yes and no. I love that Oprah Winferey says that NO is a complete sentence. No explanation needed, just NO. Same with yes. Only say yes to the things that serve you and enhance your life experience. 

Second bigget thing is sleep. Never compromise your sleep. It is when we recharge, rejuvinate and reenergize.

Third is ask for help. Woman especially have a hard time asking for help and try to do it all. Get clear on what type of help you can use and ask. Maybe it is getting help with laundry once a week or someone mowing the lawn. Could be to get help doing the grocery shopping once a week to allieviate some presure off of you so you have a bit more down time. 

Fourth thing is to ask yourself “who in my life brings me down”?. It could be a family member or a friend. If they are negative, toxic and bring nothing to the relationship except grief,anxiety or anger then it is time to didtance yourself form these people. This is not easy but will open up a space inside you to feel lighter, more at peace and to act our best which is soul nourishing. You don’t need to kick them out of your life completely just spend less time with them.

Fifth way to take ultimate self care is to take care of your body. Not just exercise because we already know that it is important to move your body. I’m talking about making sure you go to the dentist, get a physical at the doctors, getting a cut and colour. Maybe a manicure or pedicure,mammogram or prostate exam. These are all examples of body care and they go a long way in supporting your emotional and physical self care.

Are you ready to see what desires and dreams open up for you when you start to take care of you? I am. It’s all ablut where you put your focued intentions. You will take the steps to honour your soul, and it will change your life forever.