Welcome to 2019! Here is why I don’t make new years resolutions and what I do instead. Happy New Year!

At the end of every December most of us prepare for the start of a New Year by setting our new Years Resolutions with the goal of making 2019 your best year ever! Sound familiar? 

Here is the problem though:

80% of resolutions made fail by the time we hit February. The other 20%? Probrbly not far behind them. Maybe March or April at the latest. They come from a place of us not being enough and needing to be changed. They are often to lose weight and get healthier which means we will change our diet in an attempt to improve ourselves but in reality we fall for the latest fad, newest gimmick, the quick fix which never work then we are worse off than when we started. Then we say that resolutions don’t work.

I think it’s great that most of us want to look and feel our best this year.But we almost always end up self sabotaging, our cravings get worse, and we feel really crappy about ourselves. You need to figure out what is really going to motivate you. What will make you finally get healthy and los ethe weight for good?Maybe it is to unrealistic. If you say “I will lose 20 ponds in the next month”, that is not likely going to happen. If it does you will most likely gain it back. The timeline is to fast and we think that resolutions have us looking for magic wands and even when we can’t see them, we tend to believe in them.We set ourselves up for failure.

What do I do instead?

I make intentions not resolutions. What is the difference? I am about to tell you. 

A resolution is a course of action with a firm determination.  It doesn’t give you any leeway or room to move.  It is focused on change; but usually something that is “wrong” with us.  This can even be seen in people’s wording – “I will lose…”  If we deviate from our course of action we feel guilt and shame for being weak or lazy and worse still, if we don’t achieve this course of action we are a “failure” and feed into our negative self-worth.

An intention is an objective that guides our actions.  It is self-directed and purposeful, with room to change and adapt to circumstances.  Intentions are a commitment to align our actions with our values and our purpose – they reflect who we are as people and make as feel energized, fulfilled and in balance.  Intentions are the higher framework that are underpinned by our goals; as a result we are enabling ourselves to live our purpose.

How to set an intention:

  • Make yourself a cup of tea, light some candles or incense. Get out your journal and favourite pen. I still love pen to paper and I encourage you to do the same.
  • Be specific. Dive into the details of the things, people, places and experiences you are wanting to manifest.
  • Get creative. Start to think outside the box and dream really big for what you want your year to look like. They may seem crazy and even impossible to achieve but go for it!
  • Try and feel what it would be like when your intentions actually happen.Would you feel inspired, loved, abundant or elated? How so you want to feel?
  • Reflect with gratitude. Each month take some time to reflect on everything you are grateful for. This is where the magic happens.Anything is possible.

Here are my intentions for 2019:

  • Be more present. Shut my phone off more, talk more to my kids, get off my computer sooner and get off all electronics by 9:00 evey night.
  • Do what I say I’m going to do. If I say I am going to start my course in June then I will do it. I guess this can also flow into being accountable to myself.
  • Be accountable to myself. When I schedule a workout, a coffee date, a dead line for work that I set for myself, I am going to stay accountable to myself and do it!
  • Let go of things that no longer serve me. Letting go of negative friends who drag me down, not worrying about what people think about me and doing what makes me happy.
  • Stop comparing myself to others who are more successful. I will get there.I will drive in my own lane!
  • Speak my mind more. Say NO when it doesn’t serve me and not feel bad about it.
  • Move my body in a way that feels good. That means more meditation, yoga, walks with friends and lifting weights because it makes me feel strong.

I would love to hear what intentions you make. Leave a comment. I would love to know!