If you have failed at every diet you have tried, been over weight, feel really unhappy with your body or just want to feel good for life, then these three main patterns are for you.Are you ready for something different?

Pattern One:

1)Obssesive Dieting

A diet is any system of eating that attempts to exert external control over what, where, when or how much you eat.

98% of people who diet fail and gain the weight back within 1 year or less. 

Many diets are scams/cons- they know exactly how to market to you so you will buy into them. They are there to make money!

Forget about dieting forever. Diets are traiing courses on how to feel like a failure and not be happy with your body.

The more diets you try, the more convinced you become that you will never be able to lose weight and be healthy. 

But what know one tells you is the reason most programs don’t work has nothing to do with you, it has to do with human biology.

There is a study by American Psychologist Ancel Keys who studied the influence of diet on health. The study showed that when people reduced their food intake on a diet to semi-starvation(reduced calorie), it produced symptoms of irritability, loss of endurance, obsessive behaviour around food, lying, hoarding and stealing. Three months after it ended, they stilled obsessed about food, and many ate up to 8X as much food as they did before the study was done. Sound familiar? Just so you know, the study was based on 1500 calories a day which  is higher than most diets. 

That goes ot show you that depriving yourself, counting calories, weight food, weighing yourself is the worst possibe way to lose weight and be happy with your body.

Pattern Two:

2) Emotional Eating:

Besides a diet, emotinal eating is the nuber one cause of being overweight.You eat when you are bored, lonely, sad, tired or miserable and none of them have anything to do with physical hunger.

If you eat beased on emotions you will never feel satisfied from foods. This is why many people think that they never feel full,they never get the signal to stop eating because thay werre never hungry for food in teh first place.

Maybe you comfort eat due to a trauma or difficult time in your life and food is what helped you get through it.Even though that time has passed you still kept the dysfunctional way of eating when you are upset, lonely or bored. This habit stems from fundamental misunderstanding of why we feel what we feel.

One technique you can try is to put a post it note on your fridge  that says “Am I really hungry, or do I just want to change the way I am feeling”? with a big question mark.If it is a change in the way you want to feel, then know amount of food will work. 

Pattern Three:

3)Faulty programming:

If you are overweight or not happy with your body it is not your fault.It is the natural result of your current programming that you have told yourself. No diet, pill, shake, or book can change that.  

The only way to change that is to go to the unconcious mind and change your relationship with food forever. 

You have simply developed some unproductive habits and tried to rely on willpower. 

Once you learn to reprogram your mind, it becomes simole to develop new habits of thinking and acting that will guarantee your success. 

Here is a quick exercise to help you with these three patterns. Just click on the link to get it. Let me know if this helped you!