I see one fundamental problem when we try to lose weight. That is we don’t know how to communicate with our mind. The mind, body connection is the missing link.

The unconscious mind

There is the conscious and the unconscious mind and they don’t communicate.Freud in the year 1915, said the unconscious mind is the part of our mind that is a primary source for human behaviour. It controls our feelings, motives, decisions, and past experiences. It also controls our weight and hunger. It is the part of the brain that keeps us alive, safe and healthy.But it does not understand the stresses of everyday life. It helps us understand life in terms of physical survival, safe and unsafe, run and fight, sleep and wake, eat more or eat less, get fat or get thin. 

The conscious mind

The conscious mind thinks in terms of “I need to lose 20 lbs before my best friends wedding this summer”. Trying to explain this to the unconscious mind that you want to look good for an upcoming wedding is like telling a three year old that it’s a good time to buy bank stocks while the interest rates are low. It’s inconceivable to a child that age. Same way your unconscious brain doesn’t know what a wedding even is. It understands safe/unsafe and the chemical components that go with that.

We need to learn to communicate with our brains. You may want to be thinner on a conscious level but your unconscious brain is holding all the cards.But what if there was a way to speak  to your unconscious mind and explain to it you don’t want to be overweight, you would like to be thinner? 

There is a solution

There is! It is through pictures. Let me explain. Pictures are our universal language. It is in the form of visualization that can communicate with the brain. If you are on vacation and don’t speak the language, and you need to find a washroom what do you do? You do hand gestures, and they look at you weird so you draw a photo of a toilet and they point you in the right direction.(Now we have translators on our phone but go with me on this on). Symbols and photos are a universal language that everyone knows.It is know different to how you will communicate with your own body. 

Create a visual image of a thinner, healthier you and your brain will understand and help you get there to make it happen. Sounds simple right? It is. It just needs practice. This is why visualization is so powerful. When you create an image of exactly how you want to look, you are programming yourself to look that way. You are saying to the unconscious mind ” I want to be thin, I need to lose weight and you are getting the messages wrong”. 


Perform visualizations daily and the internal negative chatter in your mind will quiet down. Focus and create a visual image as if you have already achieved your goal. This is how you manifest that body  and create the body of your dreams. Do this everyday to form a habit. Visualize yourself looking exactly the way you want to look. You are in a bathing suit and running down the beach. See yourself in your ideal shape, see the sun, smell the air, hear the waves and the wind, feel the water, see the mountains and green grass. Put yourself in the scene with all the senses. See your skin having a healthy glow, see how healthy your body is with toned muscles, stomach and legs. 

Say to yourself “This is me!, I love my body, I love feeling so alive”, really feel it to be true! The more imaginative you can make it the better. When you start to visualize yourself this way, you want to eat better, move your body more, feel more happy and at peace. Leave me a comment if you try visualization. I promise if you do it everyday your life will begin to change!