Ultimate Interactive Cooking Class

An experience like no other!

Ultimate Interactive cooking classes!

Join us for an interactive cooking experience like no other! You will learn how to cook a 3 course healthy, delicious meal plus a presentation from a nutritionist at the same time!  Cooking classes are always a great way to try something new. They are also a great date/group idea!  Enjoy delicious food and great conversation with your friends, co-workers or clients, while learning the cooking secrets of our red seal chef!

Prepare yourself for an outside‐the‐box culinary experience with Ultimate Life cooking class. Our talented chef is more then just  a“foodie”, he is educated, experienced and accredited in the culinary world. He has a passion for creating and teaching what he has  spent years learning from his world travels.

You will experience an outstanding customized multi‐course menu using fresh and local ingredients. You are not only the student, but you will get the opportunity to participate and gain the skills to duplicate the same experiences at home. Ultimate Life will not only help you create a meal, but more importantly, will provide an educational and memorable experience.

Ultimate Life is thrilled that you have chosen to work with us for your event and we look forward to creating delectable dishes and fantastic memories together.

We require a minimum of 8 people, and go up to 12. 

Classes are 2.5 hours long, and include soup or salad, main entree and dessert. 

Classes cost $85.00 per person.


Thank you so much! It was amazing!


Paula Stewart

It was so much fun and the food was outstanding!


Rebecca Frost

I learned so much about healthy eating that I never new before!! Great information!


Valerie Beauchard

We learned knife skills from a chef, and life skills from a nutritionist! Fantastic way to spend a night out!


Heather Potter

Ultimate Interactive Cooking Class


Come discover the exciting world of cooking and nutrition! Contact us today to book a class! So if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize this opportunity, the time is now. Contact us Today!

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