I believe that every woman deserves to love her life and her body exactly the way it is right now.She deserves to be free from rules, deprivation, and eat cake when she wants to without any regrets.

 I don’t know about you but… Does this sound familiar?

You find yourself wishing you could stop dieting forever.

You binge eat to often.

You want to feel free from food and your body.

You want a normal relationship with food

You want to eat what ever you want and not feel guilty or gain weight.

I know how you feel

I was always feeling like I was just going through the motions of life. Everyday was the same, and even though I had a wonderful husband and three great kids, I felt alone. I accepted that things would eventually get better, and was always looking for something outside of myself.

I knew this feeling stemmed from my childhood, a time when I felt lost, out of place abandend, disconnected from my adoptive family.It wasn’t because they weren’t wonderful; it was because I was internally working through this feeling of UN-want, and not being good enough. I spent years bingeing and sometimes purging. I was an emotional eater,a closet eater so I could hide it, hating my body and wanting it just to stop.I had a love-hate relationship with myself and food. I would eat until I was stuffed, or eat a whole bag of cookies and then say to myself “Why did you do that?” No wonder you can’t lose weight,” What’s wrong with you!” 

Then I would try to get back on track by restricting my calories, exercising way more, follow another diet hoping to feel more in control only to have the same pattern occur over and over again. Yes, the inevitable always happened. I was in a body I didn’t love and would do anything to try and change that.

It’s not about eating. It’s about using the food to deal with stress and anxiety and to fill a hole. I would feel sick and aweful with myself only to start the cycle all over again.

But let’s step back a bit, to before I learned to love my self and stop the diet roller coaster.

MY STORY>>> I knew at an early age that I’d been adopted,but it never seemed to bother me, at least until I found my adoption papers at the age of 13. These papers contained descriptions of what my Mother and Father looked like, where they were from,their hobbies and interests and why she had given me up. I started to rebel and cope by dieting, bingeing, emotional eating, closet eating and thinking there was something wrong with me.

I would tell my adoptive parents that they couldn’t tell me what to do because they weren’t my real parents. I’d sneak out at night, I would date boys my parents hated, and I’d have no problems being mean to my siblings. I also started to diet when my mother went on weight watchers, so did I whan I was 11. I lost 7 pounds and thought it was so great. I would binge eat and sometimes purge, and exercise like crazy to make up for it. I became a closet eater and would hide in the pantry and eat a whole sleeve of cookies. Or sometimes I wouldn’t eat thinking if I didn’t eat I would get more attention. I still struggle with these things today, even though they are much better. I no longer diet ever, or binge, I eat and exercise for health and I absolutley love me.

But then something changed.

I didn’t want do do any of those things anymore, and I started to reflect on my behaviour and how it was hurting myself and those around me.I wasn’t caring about anything, and I felt really lost. I wrote my parents a letter about how sorry I was for what I had put them through. My mom called me a week later to say that it was okay. She forgave me, and that was the start to what changed for me.

I slowly started to appreciate what others did for me, and how I felt when I was generous and kind to others and myself. My spirit woke up.

In my early thirties, I decided to search for my birth mother. My daughter and I were having some health issues and I really wanted to know my biological mother’s health history.I paid an adoption agency to find her. She’d made it very difficult to be found, but they did eventually find her one year later. She wanted nothing to do with me, but said she thought of me often, and loved me, but gave me up for a reason. And that was it. When the adoption agency called her back the next day to ask for health history, her phone number had been disconnected, and my file was closed.

After that happened, I felt a huge sense of loss again, and feeling abandoned again. It was out of my control and yes, I was sad, and angry, but the fact was nothing was going to change. When I had another feeling of loss, instead of dwelling on it and saying,”poor me”,I’ve been rejected again. I changed my mindset, and turned it around and said,”Thank you. Thank you for giving me a better life than you could of given me on your own. Thank you for not aborting me. And thank you for letting me know that you still think of me and loved me. This self love and gratitude helped me through my binge eating, body shaming and led me to nourishing my body and soul with real food.


Fast forward to now, as I’m writing this I am truly happy with everything in my life, and at peace with ot all. I love my body and myself, i never restrict my eating or calorie count and I REALLY want to help YOU do the exact same thing. I don’t have some kind of magic pill, oodles of willpower or something different than you. I just finally discovered HOW TO HEAL MY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD & MY BODY.
It’s my mission, passion and purpose to now HELP YOU DO THE SAME.

I am SO passionate about helping women break their cycle of yo-yo dieting, not being comfortable in their bodies and stepping off the self hating and diet treadmill.
I am on a mission to help women change their emotional relationship with food and their negative relationship with their own bodies. I want woman to feel proud and sexy with who they are, end their binge eating forever, take control of how and what they eat and helped them see that being them is the most perfect thing they can be.