I believe that every woman deserves to love her life and her body exactly the way it is right now.She deserves to be free from rules, deprivation, and eat cake when she wants to without any regrets.

 I don’t know about you but… Does this sound familiar?

You find yourself wishing you could stop dieting forever.

You binge eat to often.

You want to feel free from food and your body.

You want a normal relationship with food.

You want to eat what ever you want and not feel guilty or gain weight.

Who is Ultimate Life

 Ultimate Life is about the transformation of woman who are dedicated to end the battle with food and their body and to join the food freedom revolution.We find the underlying causes of emotional and binge eating so you can be free for good. When we realize it has nothing to with the food we learn to trust ourselves and NEVER again start a diet on Monday.

I am on a mission to help as many woman as possible to find total food freedom, fall in love with their body and create a life of peace, happiness and fulfillment.


What is Food freedom? Food freedom is feeling in control of what you eat, not letting the food control you

Food freedom is about indulging when it’s worth it, passing when it isn’t, and never feeling guilt or shame for doing either.  True food freedom means you never again feel powerless over food.~melissa hartwig


It’s not about the food and eating. It’s about using the food as a crutch to deal with stress, anxiety and your emotions to fill a hole. I would feel sick and awful with myself only to start the cycle all over again.

Lisa’s Official Bio

Lisa Edmonson is a Certified Nutrition Practitioner, Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and training in CBT(cognitive behaviour therapy).

Lisa dedicates her time empowering woman to overcome emotional and binge eating, falling in love with their bodies and teaching how to stop using food as a crutch.

Lisa coaches woman through her Food Freedom Academy, one on one and through workshops. We hope to start the Ultimate retreats in 2019.

If you want to wake up everyday no longer obsessing about food and to start focusing on living your life, then your are in the right place and we need to chat!


Here are some fun facts about me: 

My favourite band is Journey. Yes the one that sings Open Arms and Don’t Stop Believing. I listen to them everyday and got to see them for free when they played at the Calgary Stampede. 

I am an Introvert. I love my alone time.Networking makes me really nervous. I can seem like an extrovert but i’m not.

I use to eat tons of ichiban noodles because they were so quick and yummy. If you knew what was in them, you would stop too!


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