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We help you to use nourishing evidence based strategies to help you cope without using food as your crutch.

Let's start with this one truth....

Every person has the right to love their life, be comfortable and happy in their body, and never feel guilty about wanting to eat treats. We all desreve to live our ULTIMATE LIFE.

Whether you are struggling with food,your weight, emotional eating, binge eating, and not being able to love your body, we can help.

I know you are tired of feeling defeated, anxious, frustrated because of food, your weight, or the shape of your body. You are sick of the dieting cycle and never getting the results that you want. 

I know you are sick of turning to food when you are stressed, sad, angry, lonely, or mad? You reach for food for reasons other than for nourishment. Even though you intend to eat healthy, you just can seem to do it.  You are making yourself promises to eat differently every day, hiding from your trigger foods and having lots of rules to follow. 

Do you want food freedom now and for life? You are in the right place!

Imagine a life where you made concious, nourishing and easy choices for your body everyday without regrets.

 I know what it’s like to want something more because I have been there. I went through everyday feeling alone. I wanted to make peace with my food, fall in love with my body and to just be happy so I could live my ultimate life. 
It all changed when I started to come from a place of GRATITUDE, self love, and nourishing my body with real whole foods.You don’t have to go through life tired of feeling guilt, shame, tired of your health suffering, not sleeping, bad moods, the non stop diets and tired of feeling like you are alone. 
It’s time to free yourself from destructive eaitng habits and constant dieting.It’s time to start living and learn to use food as a powerful tool of self love, body confidence and to experience a whole new level of transformation. It’s time to let go of the struggles so that you can reclaim your life. Just know that it is NOT your FAULT. When we release the emotional weight the physical weight releases itself. We will show you how. I am so glad that you are here on this journey with me.

Hi, I’m Lisa

Did you know that 95% of woman are unhappy with the way their body looks? The number one reason is STRESS! We know that stress influences our eating habits on a daily basis. 

I am on a mission to help you to completely transform the relationship you have with yourself, your body and your food so that you can start to love your Ultimate Life. 

If you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and that your weight takes over your life, I get it. I have been there.

If you feel there is no way out of your preoccupation with food and your body, I get it. I have been there.

You deserve to feel that you can finally beat this battle and learn to love yourself, your body, and eat whatever you want without ever thinking twice about it.

Not when you lose another 10 pounds.

Not when our body looks the way we THINK it should.

The time is NOW.



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